Sweating the BIG stuff – How NOT to sweat the small stuff.

Recently, my family has been hit with some BIG stuff.  It happens every day, you hear it constantly and wish there was something you could possibly do. My best friend and I have been talking daily about how to not sweat the small stuff.

This past week I had two big scenarios where I thought I was going to “blow”! I sat in Target getting a new cell phone where the employee accidentally activated my old phone without my new phone. An hour and half later, I was still standing there without a phone and some defrosted frozen vegetables.

Remember my excitement to get back into my running season this past Saturday at the Summer Breeze 5k? My roommate locked me out of the house (I was walking the dogs before I left) and I missed the race.

I was so upset, both of these scenarios were so frustrating, I just wanted to scream! After taking a deep breath, I realized that these things happen and that the other people is really trying to help the situation.  It’s kind of like my 3.5 miles of gratitude….you have to think about what you have, reflect and try to not sweat the small stuff.

I think that this can really help with your fitness and health. It can be so frustrating when you JUST WANT THOSE FRIES! OR just want to sit on the couch. Stop sweating it. Take a minute, reflect and then decide. All of that frustration in the moment can really take a toll on what you really want to do. Focus on what you have and appreciate it then move forward and decide what to do with the situation.

  • So if you can’t get that workout in…
  • Or you had one two many pieces of birthday cake…
  • Became disappointed because of a friend or family member
  • Walked into a half hour wait for a restaurant

Don’t sweat the small stuff. There’s always tomorrow, which we should appreciate. Appreciate having a tomorrow and appreciate the ability to work tomorrow. Work by working, work by exercising, work by cleaning, work by living.

Have a good Monday!

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